ST. LOUIS – You can now take your pooch with you to watch a soccer match. St. Louis City SC and Purina announced Friday that they are creating the first designated pet-friendly area inside CITYPARK stadium.

“This is where Purina, as our partner, has been very intimately involved in the design of the space and the location of the space and bringing Purina’s experts,” said Matt Sebek, Chief Experience Officer for City SC. “We’re not experts. Bringing their experts into the fold to help us design the materials and acoustics of it, so that’s been really helpful as we bring pets and their owners into it that it’s a safe and enjoyable experience.”

The Purina Club features four loges and space to accommodate four soccer fans and their furry friends at all home matches. The premium space is located at midfield on the lower level of the east side of the stadium.

Each section is completely protected from the elements and comes with toys, treats, water bowls, and a gift bag. Despite the noise level, the team and Purina did a scientific study with acoustical engineers at AcoustiControl.

“Part of it was us visiting the space and seeing it through the dog’s perspective, so what sounds would they be hearing and seeing and all that kind of stuff,” said Dr. Annie Valuska, Purina Principal Behavioral Scientist. “We also did commission an acoustic study just to ensure that the volume that these passionate City fans can get to during a match is not going to be unsafe for dogs.”

For dog entry requirements, rules and regulations, and game day guidelines, soccer, and dog fans are encouraged to call the team at (314) 924-6800 or visit their website.

Reservations for the Purina Club are now available, starting with the home match on May 20 against Sporting Kansas City.