ST. LOUIS – St. Louis CITY SC had a thrilling Major League Soccer debut in Austin, Texas, on Saturday night, winning 3-2 against Austin FC.

We asked soccer fans at Amsterdam Tavern if the game was everything they hoped for.

“Oh, ecstatic. Can’t believe we won,” said Karen Montgomery.

“I watched at The Armory here in St. Louis, and it was an exciting game. There were tons of people, the energy was really high,” said Phil Siganga. “Honestly I didn’t really expect much, I was like we’re brand new let’s see what we can do and we ended up winning.”

Tim Parker made history with CITY SC’s first goal. It came midway through the first half and gave CITY SC its first lead.

Austin FC scored twice and jumped ahead to a 2-1 edge early in the second half. CITY SC answered with goals from Jared Stroud and Klauss.

“I just hope for a successful season, and hopefully we can kind of show the world that we are a big soccer city,” Siganga said.

Some St. Louis soccer fans even made the trip to Texas to witness history before the home opener next weekend.

This was the first game of the club’s inaugural Major League Soccer season.

“I think the entire city is just…you can feel the excitement for this team and for the home opener. So yeah everybody’s excited,” said Montgomery.

CITY SC returns to St. Louis next weekend for the home opener, at 7:30 p.m. at CITYPARK on March 4.