ST. LOUIS – Fans gathered at CITYPARK Tuesday to watch the World Cup match between the United States and Iran.

With great burgers and beers, soccer fans filled the Ultra Club inside the stadium as they commiserated over the match.

“I’ve been to NFL games, and Cardinals games, and Blues games, and soccer just hits a little bit differently,” said Derrick Hall, a soccer fan. “Especially when you play these international games. It’s more than just the players on the field. It’s the pride of your country, so it just feels different, you get a lot more energy.”

Team USA scored off a big kick, and Christian Pulisic, in the middle, took advantage of the momentum to take a 1-0 lead over Iran.

Another offsides call for Team USA, and fans wait in anticipation as Iran has two big chances denied, with the winner continuing onto the world stage.

“To the last second,” said Katie Ayers, a soccer fan. “We were biting our nails the whole time.”

“This is a bit of a lightning in a bottle moment for us as a club,” said Matt Sebek, Chief Experience Officer of St. Louis CITY SC. “You know, opening the stadium just a couple of weeks ago, we start our own play at the beginning of 2023 here, so for the World Cup to exist right at the top of that, where soccer is at the top of everyone’s conversation, is just a great moment for us to come hang out with our soccer fans.”

There will be another watch party in the Ultra Club inside CITYPARK Stadium on Saturday.