ST. LOUIS – It was an exciting World Cup to watch, with a lot of firsts and a lot of countries making history. FOX 2 asked fans here what their thoughts were on the World Cup in Qatar.

From shocking and incredible wins to amazing performances put on by legendary players, this year’s World Cup kept everyone on their toes.

“I did get up to watch the Saudi Arabia game, although I am a Messi fan,” said fan Nate Gabris. “But that Saudi Arabia game was insane. I woke up at 4:00 a.m. to watch that one.”

“I’ve always been a Ronaldo fan, and this tournament has opened my eyes really to how great Messi really is,” Noah Bernstein shared. “And he’s just been so electric all tournament, and it’s just been a great tournament to watch.”

“A lot of new surprises,” Angel Garcia expressed. “Teams like Morocco that they brought it to the first stage, but also some disappointments along the way, like Germany and Spain. But it’s been great, it’s been super exciting.”

It’s been quite a journey, from the first game on November 20, to the final game. Several fan-favorites did not make it, while other teams re-wrote history.

Some new fans discovered their love of soccer.

“Soccer is the international game, and we’ve seen that over the last month,” Chief Experience Officer with St. Louis City SC Matt Sebek said. “So to have soccer be at the top of conversation in households across not only America, but the world, is special in general.”

The U.S. is hosting the next World Cup in 2026 along with Canada and Mexico.

“It is exciting, it’s going to be – being a shared world cup is going to be good, it’s going to be a great idea,” Garcia shared.

“The fact that we get to host that, and I’m hoping that we have one of the earlier matches or a smaller pre-cup game in St. Louis with the new stadium,” said Danielle Hibbert.

“Extremely excited, you know, playing a game in Kansas City, obviously we’ll be 23 at that point. Will be a perfect day as you go take a road trip and watch. I mean, it’s going to be crazy,” said Gabris.

The next World Cup is four years from now, and will be played across 16 different cities.