ST. LOUIS – St. Louis City SC will roll its way into the history books this Saturday when the team becomes the first professional Major League Soccer team to play in the city.

It’s a landmark moment that fans are more than ready for, but there’s some other history cooking up at CITYPARK.

“We make our own; we feel like we have the best, and what better place to showcase it than the brand-new stadium in St. Louis,” Anthony Scarato said about his restaurant’s fried ravioli.

Scarato’s Anthonino’s Taverna is one of 25 local restaurants offering food at the soccer stadium. CITYPARK is the only MLS stadium in the country where all of the food is made locally.

“Having the opportunity to put Filipino barbecue on the map not only in St. Louis but across the nation is super exciting,” said Darren Young of The Fattened Caf.

It’s all part of City SC’s Flavor Program. A program offering a variety of options with Cuban food from mayo ketchup, Mexican food from Padrino’s, DD Mau offering Vietnamese food, and Chez Ali with a taste of Senegal.

“Just knowing that we are one of the few locally owned small businesses throughout the United States that’s doing what we’re doing at CITYPARK is just amazing,” Young said.

All the vendors can also share a community-type kitchen setup.

“Everything’s there,” Scarato said. “You can sign up times and get your spot and load in and load out. It’s really well run.”