CLAYTON, Mo. – Clayton officers helped save a young kitten earlier this month when it was trapped in a sewer during a torrential downpour.

The Clayton Police Department tells FOX 2 the cat is named Marty and recovering well after the recent rescue. Police shared a video of the rescue process on Wednesday.

On May 14, officers responded to a storm drain for Carondelet Plaza. A group of bystanders informed police they heard a meowing sound from the sewer.

After officers removed the manhole cover, one officer entered the drain, reached for Marty and carefully handed him to officers. All while battling some pretty intense rainfall.

“We’re happy to report our new feline friend is safe, healthy, and has been adopted by the family member of another CPD officer,” said the Clayton Police Department via Facebook.

Marty is settling well into his new home. FOX 2 received some photos from the Clayton Police Department.