Clean up continues after Thursday’s damaging storms


GLENDALE, Mo. – Powerful winds from Thursday’s storms left behind quite the mess. Crews were out continuing clean-up Friday, as well as Ameren crews working to get power restored.

City workers in Glendale continued clean up from the storm’s straight-line winds that ramped up quickly. 

“It went from a sprinkle to severe high-powered winds. And then the sky turned green and it just opened up,” said Allison Knight, a Glendale resident. 

About 2.5 miles northeast in Glendale there were more swift results. 

“It was very, very hectic and catastrophic. It was a quick act of nature that transpired within 15 minutes,” said Jack Cusumano with Franklin Group and Associates in Brentwood.

The high winds also snapped a large tree in half that fell onto a rental home.  

“We heard a big boom and ran and looked out the front window and saw the giant tree in the neighbor’s house,” said Kelly Reece, a neighbor. 

The neighbors quickly sprang into action. 

“I called 911 while my boyfriend ran across the street knocking on the door to see if she was okay. And nobody answered,” Reece said. 

They found the woman pinned in the back sunroom and waited with her until first responders arrived. The woman’s miniature schnauzer, Roosevelt, was still missing.

Roosevelt was found trapped under debris this morning and was thankfully rescued. 

“Poor little guy. He was wet and tattered and two bum legs but he was going to be safe,” Reece said. 

Now comes the waiting game for some as Ameren works to restore power. 

“Fortunately, our wonderful firemen in Glendale have come out and put caution tape everywhere. So people just need to stay safe and stay away from the power lines,” Knight said. 

Ameren expects 98% of power to be restored by Saturday. 

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