O’FALLON, Mo. – Across the city of St. Louis, many have continued to clean up from Tuesday’s heavy rains and flash flooding.

George Sells, a media coordinator of St. Louis Public Schools said numerous schools were also affected by the flood.

“We had 30 of our schools impacted in some way by the storm,” said George Sells, Media Coordinator of St. Louis Public Schools. “Soldan High School here was probably the worst of the bunch as far as sewage backup and flooding.”

The work crews from Servpro were scattered around Soldan International Studies High School Monday cleaning and drying areas of the school.

“We’ve got people cleaning up all over town,” said Sells. “It’s a busy project, but we expect to be done and ready in time for school to start.”

On Thursday, nine inches of rain fell causing an O’Fallon homeowner’s house and belongings to flood. Monday morning, a group of Mennonites from mid-Missouri which belongs to a church community of Anabaptist denominations, help to provide immediate relief to residents by cleaning up debris left from the flood.

“It was just a blessing when they pulled up and said that they would help,” said resident Theresa Williams. “I’m 72, and most of my friends are older. So, this was just a blessing. I just was shocked.”

Ralph Burkholder of Christian Aid Ministries said he wants the residents to know that the ministries care about them.

“We just want them to know that we care,” said Burkholder. “That we care about them, that they are human beings. They are people just like we are. They were just hit by a natural disaster that was out of their control, and we’re here to help.”