ST. LOUIS — The Center for Creative Arts, or COCA, is located on Washington Avenue, and tonight they are hosting a fundraiser for CVPA relief.
Tonight’s performance will take place at this location. The show’s theme is reintroducing joy into the spotlight. These are the sights and sounds from last night’s rehearsal.

The concert features students and faculty from Central Visual and Performing Arts High School. It comes nearly a month and a half after a former CVPA graduate opened fire inside the South St. Louis School, killing two students and injured several more.

Many people in the neighborhood were frightened and grieved by the horrific attack. Tonight’s program is a CVPA relief showcase. The gentleman putting it on, Robert Crenshaw, is a CVPA graduate himself.

“My brother was injured in the accident. So I decided to do something by putting on a showcase. Because I had no other way of expressing myself or dealing with the misery I was experiencing. and CVPA is your home. I graduated from there, and it was there that I truly found myself.”

Here are the performance specifics. It will be held again tonight at the COCA Center for Creative Arts at 7 p.m. The show runs for an hour long. The plant is located at 6880 Washington Avenue, right off the Del Mar Loop. The cost of admission is $20 per person. With all revenues benefiting the CVPA community