ST. LOUIS – A midtown coffee shop gave book lovers a chance to read books that have been restricted by schools in the state of Missouri.

‘Blueprint Coffee’ teamed with ‘Left Bank Books Foundation’ at the High Low building on Washington Avenue. They gave readers a few hours to browse the banned books. The ‘American Library Association‘ says 273 books have been banned for any number of issues relating to race, gender, or sexuality. It ranks Missouri third in the nation for the number of banned books.

Left Bank Books General Manager Daniell King says, “What’s ironic is that, generally speaking, a book getting banned does make more people interested in it because they’re curious about why, and so our goal is to make sure we have as many of those to provide for folks as possible, or order them. We believe very much in the freedom to read.”

Also at the event, visitors could write postcards to their legislatures to let them know what they thought of banning books.

Correction: This article has been corrected to indicate that the books were restricted by schools in the state of Missouri. The state of Missouri has not banned the books.