ST. LOUIS – Listeners of 105.7 The Point are mourning the loss of host Jeff Burton, who died on Monday from prostate cancer.

For 30 years, Burton was a member of the radio community at KPNT.

“I delivered about a week and a half ago, a box of letters from radio show listeners and Point listeners,” said Scott Rizzuto, host of The Rizzuto Show. “He and his wife opened up every single message.”

Burton’s colleagues said they celebrate the time spent in the radio booth and outside the workplace.

“The way Jeff would have wanted us to do things is to celebrate his life,” said Tony Patrico, co-host of The Rizzuto Show. “He would be the first one to be mad at us if we were sitting around and we were crying and upset.”

His colleagues and many in the music community knew Burton often shared his love for his wife Juli, his dog Weezy, and the great outdoors.

“He would want everyone to be peacemakers. To walk in love, and be graceful with each other, and encourage others to do better,” said King Scott, co-producer and co-host on The Rizzuto Show. “Also, get outside and touch nature and get your feet dirty.”

The radio station is accepting cards, notes, and condolences to forward to Jeff’s family.

105.7 The Point (KPNT-FM)
Attention: We Love You Jeff
11647 Olive Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63141

“He was such a champion for people,” said Moon Valjean, co-producer and co-host. “For anybody and everybody, but especially for people working hard or showing talent. Whether it was a local band or somebody new to radio, he was always willing to jump out, grab your hand and shout about you.”

“No one is going to forget Jeff Burton,” Rizzuto said.