ST. LOUIS – Well-known comedian Jim Gaffigan has his own YouTube playlist called “Jim Eats the World” where he tries food from the cities he is touring. 

It wasn’t too long ago that Gaffigan did a review on his YouTube channel of St. Louis pizza, toasted ravioli, and gooey butter cake.

(Courtesy: Imo’s Pizza)

Gaffifan first starts by rating the cheese. He said he isn’t sure if the provel cheese on Imo’s pizza is cheese. 

Towards the end of his review, Gaffigan keeps saying he will stop eating the pizza, but after every “stop,” the meat lover’s pizza keeps disappearing. 

Then, he asks for toasted ravioli, for which he ate 10 pieces but claimed it was two. Then he asks for gooey butter cake. 

Gaffigan loved the gooey butter cake. He says that the gooey butter cake should not be around and really should be illegal. The first one he tried was from a local restaurant, Russell’s on Macklind‘s cookie dough gooey butter cake.

They then gave him an original gooey butter cake, which he also tried and enjoyed. 

At the end of the video, the container from Russell’s with eight pieces of cookie dough gooey butter cake now has a piece in a half. 

St. Louis style frozen Imo;s pizza are for purchase in local participating stores.