ST. LOUIS – The Bi-State Development Board of Commissioners met Friday morning for an operations committee meeting, addressing the cyberattack that impacted Metro Transit services earlier this month.

A cyberattack on Oct. 2 shut down parts of the St. Louis-area transit system, impacting phone systems and computer networks related to Metro’s Call-A-Ride services. Several other public agencies around the world were also targeted by hackers.

Bi-state president and CEO Taulby Roach announced Friday that a cyber committee will conduct an in-depth review of the attack.

Roach said the committee will look at ways to better support the agency’s IT department, improve cybersecurity, and organize Bi-State’s emergency communications.

“These attacks will continue,” said Roach. “This is the new world that we are in, and our cyber consultants have told us that this is something we need to prepare for, be extremely vigilant, and look at every aspect of our defense. And this is now what we’re going to be moving through in the future.”

Officials also noted that no customer data was compromised during the recent cyberattack, and transit operations have been restored after concerns lingered into last weekend.