ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Community members packed a town hall at Westview Middle School in the Riverview Gardens School District on Tuesday after a fight was caught on camera between a staff member and a student.

“You’re setting them up by being their friend. You’re setting them up,” said a public commenter at the town hall.

The school acknowledged how hard it is for teachers. Bullying and school safety have been issues plaguing the district for a long time, and it has pledged to do more in the future. The school called on more parents to get involved.

On December 5, a fight between a staff member and a student inside a classroom was caught on video.

The staff member in a red shirt and the student in a black and pink top were punching each other and pulling their hair.

They ended up on the floor. At one point, the two slammed into a desk, and a chair fell, almost hitting them.

Other students in the classroom watched the incident unfold, with some even egging them on.

The district would not say anything new about what happened, but they did say that getting support from the community was the most important thing.

“The district cannot change without the support of the parents that raised these kids,” the public commenter said at the meeting.

The emotional meeting was a catalyst for more discussion to come.