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FENTON, Mo. — The Fenton home of Bill Meppiel includes a tribute to his son.  Jamison went into cardiac arrest a few weeks after his birth in October.  He was hospitalized for three weeks before passing away on December 11. 

Friends, neighbors, and even strangers have offered support.  Some of them placed ornaments on a Christmas tree on the front porch. The tree was surrounded by a poster board covered with photos of Jamison.  

“It’s awe-inspiring how many people will pull together,” said Heather Frost, Jamison’s mother.

Meppiel said the outpouring of support began when it was clear Jamison’s life was in jeopardy.   He began receiving messages of support.  

Meppiel said doctors believe his son’s death was the result of a brain defect.  He said knowing people cared enough to just say they were sorry for their loss was enough for him.  Jamison’s father has been overwhelmed by seeing support go much farther. 

Family supporters purchased wristbands to help raise money to cover medical expenses.  The family started a Gofundme to help with medical expenses and to cope with their grief.  

The outpouring of support prompted Jamison’s parents to collect stuffed animals and toys for the families of kids currently hospitalized.  

“Be there for your neighbor like they are there for you,” said Frost.   

Meppiel added, “Never leave anything on a bad note or anything unsaid because you never know what could happen next.”