ST. LOUIS – Despite its struggles, our city has so much to be proud of.

Sunrise in St. Louis brings us hope for brighter days. A city rich in history, and the price we’ve had to pay.

In Soulard and Dogtown, old town tradition soaks the streets. The Hill. The Loop. The Grove. Our pride we plan to keep.

Parks, they are aplenty. Francis, Fairground, and Forest. We’re home to great museums, ripe with famous artists.

From the top of the Arch to a spin on The Wheel, the attractions we offer have wide appeal. A zoo full of animals from all over the world, a house made of magic for young boys and girls. Our cost of living won’t break the bank, there’s even an aquarium with a massive fish tank.

The beautiful sound in Powell Symphony Hall. A show at The Fox will leave you enthralled.

Our town loves our teams. The Redbirds and the Blues. CITY SC and the BattleHawks too. The pride us fans feel when they’re marching down Market, trophies in hand, our city adores it!

We’re blessed with restaurants for the fiercest of foodies. Your choice of cuisine for whatever the mood be.

The birthplace of legends like Maya and Tina. Jon Hamm and John Goodman, Sterling K Brown, Chuck Berry, Jack Dorsey and more names abound.

Nelly, Ellie, Andy, Karlie, Yogi, and Ced. A city of stars, both alive and dead.

Yes, our struggles are real. The hurt you can feel. There’s work to be done for our city to heal. Tough conversations to test our mettle, but to save St. Louis, we can’t choose to settle.