ST. LOUIS – The Consumer Product Safety Commission is re-announcing two recalls of inclined infant sleepers. These recalls were first issued nearly four years ago.

They involve 4.7 million Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleepers and 694,000 Kids2 Rocking Sleepers. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says these two models combined account for approximately 115 reported deaths while infants were in these products.

“We were aware of it right away,” said Sierra Cortazzo, owner of Kangaroo Kids in Glendale.

Cortazzo says prior to the original 2019 recall, you could find a handful of the models in her store at any given time. Not anymore.

“After the recall, we still see them come in sometimes. I always inform the seller that the item is recalled, and they’re pretty surprised usually,” she said. “It’s illegal to buy or sell recalled items. Typically, we have to turn them away, and we inform the customer they’re recalled.”

In a statement, CPSC Chair Alexander Hoehn-Saric said, “We are issuing this announcement because, despite their removal from the marketplace – and a prohibition on their sale – babies continue to die in these products.”

The Illinois Attorney General’s Office has also issued a second consumer warning on the recalls.

“Obviously, even one death is too many. Attorney General Raoul wants to make sure every consumer that could have one of these products in their home takes a look for it and identifies it if they have one,” Assistant Illinois Attorney General Cassandra Halm said. “With children’s products in particular, people receive these as gifts or hand-me-downs, so they may not realize this at all.”

That’s why Cortazzo is so serious about educating her customers. She recommends signing up for the CPSC’s recall alerts and registering the baby products you buy with the manufacturer.

“That’s another way to be alerted if something is going wrong with that product,” she said.
If you or someone who know has one of the sleepers involved in this recall, the CPSC says to stop using them immediately.

For additional information on the recall, including how to identify the products or contacting manufacturers for a refund, visit Fisher-Price or Kids2 online.