Convicted 'peeping Tom' accused of stalking girls in St. Peters

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ST. PETERS, Mo. – A 31-year-old St. Peters man is accused of stalking two teenage girls—sisters—as they left a Walmart store on Wednesday evening.

Police said the suspect, Matthew Foerstel, has a history of taking hidden videos of women as they undress.

The girls, 18 and 13, went straight to the police station from the Walmart on Mid-Rivers Mall Drive. The girls told Fox 2/News 11, they had a bad feeling about the man in a truck behind them. They called police on the way.

According to a court document, police said Foerstel admitted to following the girls all the way to the St. Peters Police Department, then parking nearby and watching them. The girls tried to lose him on the way.

“He backed up through the whole aisle. Then he ended up right behind us at the light to leave,” one of the girls said. “So, I took a couple of random turns to see if he was following me and he was.”

The girls’ mother said it’s a parent’s worst nightmare.

“This is a very scary situation. These are my children. I want them safe,” she said.

Foerstel has been booked into the St. Charles County Jail on charges of felony stalking, felony harassment, and misdemeanor assault. His bond was set at $300,000, cash-only.

Foerstel is also a registered sex offender. His past convictions include guilty pleas to invasion of privacy in St. Charles County and Brentwood for taking videos of women changing clothes in dressing rooms.

The girls’ mother is proud of her daughters for trusting their instincts when they were still at the Walmart. Authorities are concerned they may not be the only alleged victims.

“When I found out who it was, that’s very scary. This man has done this before. He needs to be held accountable for his actions. My kids are scared now. They’re scared to go out,” the victims’ mother said.

“I would just want to warn everyone, just be aware,” said her daughter.

Foerstel was driving a 2011 white Ford ranger pick-up with dark tinted windows, police said.

In the meantime, police are seeking a warrant to search the photos and videos on Foerstel’s phone.


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