ST. LOUIS – With precariously high temperatures forecast for the week ahead, people will need places to cool off. Many people were out over the weekend to take advantage of the beautiful weather, but unfortunately, the dangerous heat is making a return.

“We have days when we have thunderstorms roll by and people run for cover and, next thing you know, we have people in line for snow cones,” said Kenneth Frachtman, owner of Under the Sun Sno Shack.

From public pools and cooling centers to snow cones, people spent their Sunday looking for any type of relief.

“Between 12 and 4, it slows down a little bit until after supper. Then from 7 to 10. We’re the only ones open until 10 at night,” Frachtman said.

Frachtman said business has been consistent all summer, but expects to see a spike this week.

“There’s no reason to go out and overdo yourself. Remember: heat stroke happens often with this type of weather. Have a snow cone. It brings a little bit of sugar up in your body,” he said.

Frachtman said some people get their snow cone to go and others hang out at the picnic tables.

While you’re enjoying your sugary treat, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water too.

“Don’t dehydrate, that’s all we ask. We want to help people get through this heatwave and, before you know it, it’ll be snowing,” Frachtman said.

There are dozens of cooling centers across the bi-state, including at The Salvation Army Family Haven.