ST. LOUIS – A preliminary investigation into the death of a former Missouri state representative from the St. Louis area has found no evidence of wrongdoing or foul play and police are now awaiting a final toxicology report before taking any further steps.

Cora Faith Walker was found unconcious on the morning of Friday, March 11, in a hallway at the Loews Hotel in Downtown St. Louis. She was pronounced dead at Saint Louis University Hospital just before 10 a.m. the same day. Walker was 37.

In a news briefing Monday morning, St. Louis Public Safety Director Dan Isom said Walker entered a hotel room around midnight the night before her death. She left the hotel room before 8:55 a.m. and collapsed in the hallway. A good Samaritan found Walker and immediately called 911 while attempting to resuscitate her.

Isom said EMS responded and a defibrillator was used before Walker was brought to the hospital.

The public safety director said there was one other person at the hotel room with Walker and the room was in that person’s name. However, that individual left the room at 7 a.m., hours before Walker collapsed in the hallway. Police identified and questioned that individual, Isom said.

Investigators have also questioned hotel employees and reviewed hotel security footage.

There is no active local or federal investigation into Walker’s death, Isom said. However, police are awaiting the final toxicology report from the St. Louis Medical Examiner’s Office before announcing the cause of death.

Last Friday, the medical examiner released a preliminary report saying Walker’s body showed no signs of trauma or injury.

Isom also dismissed calls from St. Louis County Councilman Tim Fitch to allow the Missouri State Highway Patrol to handle the investigation. Fitch said Walker’s friendship with St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones was a conflict of interest for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

Walker lived in Ferguson and was elected to the Missouri House in 2016. She represented the 74th District, which includes Florissant, Ferguson, Calverton Park, Country Club Hills, Dellwood, and Jennings. She resigned in 2019 and went to serve as policy chief for St. Louis County Executive Dr. Sam Page.