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ST. LOUIS – One day after her decisive election victory, Cori Bush told FOX 2 she will continue to meet with community members she says have been overlooked and neglected.

The Ferguson protestor and Black Lives Matter activist said she will also meet with other members of Congress to help prepare for her new role as the representative-elect for Missouri’s 1st Congressional District.

Bush will become Missouri’s first black congresswoman. She hopes her victory inspires others to say, “I can go do things I never thought I could do or do things that people told me I couldn’t.”

Bush said she has not had any direct conversations with former Vice President Joe Biden about priorities should he become president. She campaigned on a progressive agenda, including support for the Green New Deal and Medicare For All.

Bush was a Ferguson protestor and is set on finding ways to bring about police reform. She said that includes finding ways for police to not feel someone is a threat based on the color of their skin.

“We are not a threat; we’re people,” Bush said.

She said if anyone thinks she hates the police, they’re wrong.

“What I do loathe is the murder of black people at the hands of police,” she said.

She has called for the defunding of police and defunding the Pentagon.

“We think that’s such a horrible thing, but we’ve been defunding education for a long time and nobody says anything about that,” Bush said.

Bush says she would spend more money on education and relief for those affected by COVID-19.