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ST. LOUIS — On Wednesday, FOX 2 shared a story about a baby born at Mercy Hospital at 2:22 a.m. on 2/2/22. Well, that baby wasn’t the only infant born with the “Power of 2.”

New father Chris Kelley said his baby was born at DePaul Hospital on 2/2/22 at 22:22 military time.

“This is our first child so we’re learning everything,” said Kelley.  

Kelley and his wife Courtney tried to have a baby for three years, eventually turning to IVF.  

“We actually had to use our last embryo. So, we had basically exhausted all our options. He was our last one chance — and here we are,” Kelley said with tears in his eyes.  

Clark came into the world not only beating the odds –- but turning heads with a very unique birthday.  

“We had to do a C-section,” Kelley said. “I remember hearing someone announce the baby’s arrival time in the operating room, and they kind of stuttered and said kind of surprisingly, ‘It’s 22: 22.’ It was 10 p.m. and 22 minutes, and obviously, they announce it in military time – so 22: 22!”

Kelley said what is even crazier, is that Clark’s original delivery date was scheduled to be 2/22/22. 

At Mercy Hospital, Mother Jada Jarrett gave birth to her baby boy, Nasir — who was also born on 2/2 at 2:22 am. Many other moms gave birth today and yesterday, right in the middle of Saint Louis’s February snowstorm. 

OB Hospitalist Kinsey Dinnel gives advice to parents if going into labor in bad weather.  

“A baby’s going to come when a baby’s going to come. You don’t have a choice but to go to the hospital,” Dinnel explained. “If you’re starting to see that the pain, and that squeezing pain is coming every 10 minutes or so, that might mean that labor is starting to occur and you need to get to the hospital immediately.”

“My recommendation is if they’re concerned about anything just to start heading towards the hospital at that time,” Dinnel added.

Kelley said they were able to beat the weather coming to the hospital – and are grateful for the nurses and staff who were there to help.  “It was our dream and we got there, and we didn’t give up,” Kelley added.