WARREN COUNTY Mo.— On A&E’s Neighborhood Wars, newlyweds Summer and Cody build a little house together and hear what their neighbors think. They moved to Missouri to start a new life together and planned to build a small house out of storage containers. The couple has gone viral for documenting their journey on TikTok and Facebook.

Warren County 411 announced on its Facebook page that Summer and Cody are on “Neighborhood Wars.” There were disagreements between Warren County locals in the comments section of that post.

Watch the episode to discover what they’re talking about. The story of the newlyweds begins at minute 4:17 and ends at minute 10:33.

“One of the neighbors asked if we got our building permits yet. She had already called planning and zoning. The County told us that we’re not allowed to build that type of house in that subdivision. They’re not going to issue us our permit,” said Cody.

“We just decided to fight it,” said Summer.

Videos of the construction helped them gain nearly a half million social media followers. They asked their followers to help, and they started calling the county. The phones were shut down after the overwhelming number of calls.

Missouri permits the construction of shipping container dwellings. They are allowed to live in it as long as the couple follows standards and the zoning codes are approved.

Warren County approved their permits. But, the backlash from neighbors was intense.