FENTON, Mo. – Nature always seems to be working against our homes’ foundations, which are so susceptible to all different kinds of weather. When dry weather lasts for too long, you might start to see more cracks develop. 

What you’re seeing in your homes is cracking in our foundation or cracking in our drywalls. Or even uneven driveways or sidewalks and we’re noticing those all over St. Louis,” said Colton Tremain the Sales Manager with Foundation Recovery Systems. 

While all four seasons can be tough on our foundations for different reasons, dry weather causes the soil underneath our homes to dry up and shrink. That means the weight of our homes is now sitting on that soil that isn’t very stable anymore.  

“What we’re seeing is large gaps and cracks in the soil around our homes. This is actually causing airflow to penetrate the soil beneath our homes and accelerate that drying process of the soils which causes the issues,” Tremain said. 

Tremain says they have been extremely busy due to the dry weather, which could become more of a headache once we do get some rain. 

“The soil drying up is allowing just that a bunch of space for water to penetrate quicker. So some homes that maybe have never leaked in their lifetime are maybe going to experience leaking for the first time when we have a new fresh rain,” he said. 

Some homeowners may notice these issues immediately while others won’t realize it’s an issue until after it becomes more serious. 

“There are going to be a multitude of issues that can occur, whether it’s structural or basement leaking, but it’s all things we can take care of for them,” said Tremain. 

And if our summer continues to be dry that could mean an even busier fall… 

“I would project August, September, October to be extremely busy just due to that really dry period in the fall. All of this dry weather we’ve had up until then is really going to increase and accelerate those issues,” he said.