ST. LOUIS – Seven Robinson-Laney was one of four crash survivors from a deadly wreck that took four lives in February. The eight occupants were inside an SUV when police said a reckless driver crashed into the vehicle, forcing it to fall from South Grand Boulevard onto Forest Park Parkway.

Robinson-Laney suffered a concussion, broken bones, and the emotional toll of losing four friends. He also said he discovered someone had made fraudulent charges on his debit card while in the hospital. Robinson-Laney claimed those charges were made by a member of the St. Louis Fire Department who was on the scene of the crash.

St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department officials confirmed there is an investigation into the allegation but say no arrests have been made. A spokesperson for the St. Louis Fire Department said with any allegation involving fire department personnel, the department awaits the findings of a thorough investigation, which in this case is being conducted by police.

Robinson-Laney claimed the first responder asked for his identification at the scene and pocketed the wallet. He said police have since told his family that the firefighter claims he made an innocent mistake and was about to notify authorities.

“It’s just hurtful,” Robinson-Laney said.

He is convinced the usage of his debit card was intentional. He said his wallet was a monogrammed gift from his grandmother and contained gift cards, a second form of identification, and $600 in cash he was saving to buy a car.

Robinson-Laney graduated from Vashon High School in 2022. He was working in an area grocery department, bringing bags of groceries to the curb for customers. He said his injuries have prevented him from lifting heavy objects, but he hopes to return to work soon.

As Robinson-Laney recuperates from his injuries, he can’t help but think he’s been victimized twice.

“I still don’t have my wallet,” he said.