ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Too much water in too short a time has overwhelmed area creeks once again Thursday morning, leaving major roads and businesses back underwater.

As heavy rain fell, the Rock Hill Fire Department rushed to frequently-flooded Manchester Road, just east of McKnight. Chief Tim Kendrick said the road went from dry to covered in four feet of water in 30 minutes.

“When we get too much rain in a short amount of time, it comes up real fast. It does drop fast, but we did have to rescue a few employees out of one of the businesses in the back of the industrial court,” Kendrick said.

Water rushed into the Trainwreck Saloon, the third time in just over a week. Manager Kim Staebel said water came into the dining room from a flooded back patio and the basement filled.

“It was just devastating to see that our water heaters went back underwater. And our poor staff, to tell them we’re going to be closed again for a couple days,” she said.

Thankfully, Staebel said the recently-replaced electrical panels were spared. They plan to reopen as soon as possible.

“As soon as we get the new water heaters installed, we will be up and running,” she said.

Nearby McKnight Road was also closed due to flooding south of Litzinger, flooding the McCarthy Building Company’s lot.

In Affton, it was Gravois Creek that couldn’t handle the deluge. Affton Athletic Association fields went underwater, damaging diamonds and leaving debris everywhere. At nearby Twin Rivers Church, clean-up was underway. The creek sent two to three feet of water into their parking lot, damaging several cars. They were hoping to get the thick muck off the parking lot quickly

“When it dries, it sticks, hardens. Luckily, Maximum Water was able to get out here first thing this morning, while it was still wet, and start pushing that silt off the parking lot,” said Tyler Freeze, the church’s facilities and operations manager.

Everyone FOX 2 spoke with hopes and prays we get a break from this rain-soaked pattern soon.