CREVE COEUR, Mo. – Creve Coeur police are warning of an ongoing spoofing scam in which someone has used a number that appears to come from the police department to demand money.

Police notified the public of the scam Wednesday morning. A caller has been reaching out to people with the department’s main phone line (314-432-8000) on Caller ID. That caller has alleged they are working out of the Creve Coeur Police Department lobby as an FBI agent.

Creve Coeur police say the caller is not connected with the department and is asking for money as part of a scam.

“No law enforcement agency, local state, or federal, or government agency of any kind will ever contact you by phone and ask for immediate payment for any reason,” said the police department via Twitter.

Police say you should never agree to pay money to someone who contacts you via phone, text, email without confirming who that caller is. If you suspect such a scam, you should hang up the phone, find a legitimate number for the business or organization for which the caller claims to have ties and call back that number explaining what happened.

If you get a suspicious call and suspect such a scam, contact the Creve Coeur Crime Prevention Office at 314-442-2075.