ST. LOUIS – Many people in the St. Louis area are trying to clean up after Tuesday’s massive storms. Even some first responders need help.

House Number One at the University City Fire Department had about one foot of water in it Tuesday. The water line was visible on the walls Wednesday.

Clean-up crews from Woodard are helping get things back to normal. Craig Hebrank from Woodard explained what the biggest challenges are when it comes to cleaning up after a flood.

“The floodwaters bring in a lot of debris and contaminants. Once they settle whether in the carpet, baseboard throughout the structure of a home or a commercial building, it really presents a lot of challenges,” Hebrank said.

Woodard is using blowers, dehumidifiers, and disinfectants to clean up House Number One.

“If it’s not done properly, it can really cause problems down the line with mold issues or potential other contaminants in the air that weren’t addressed with the initial clean up,” Hebrank said.