CREVE COEUR, Mo. – Five people were rescued Thursday evening at Creve Coeur Lake after severe weather hit the area.

“In this area, it hit pretty quickly, and pretty hard. So, we had a lot of tree limbs down, a lot of wires down at the time and then we got a call for two victims on the lake and a kayak on the lake that were having trouble making it to shore,” said Jim Usry, fire chief for the Pattonville Fire District.

First responders with the Maryland Heights Fire Protection District and Pattonville Fire Protection District responded to the lake Thursday. At an undisclosed time during severe weather, the agencies received a report that multiple paddleboarders were in need of assistance on the water, according to a Facebook post from the Maryland Heights district.

Crews sent out a rescue boat within minutes of arrival. An employee with Creve Coeur Lake Rentals also jumped into action and made their way to a canoe at the north end of the lake. 

“The canoe was just a gentleman and his kids by themselves. So, he didn’t even have help paddling,” said Nick Fowler. “So, I knew I had to get them off the lake right away. So, I got in our recovery boat, got down on the lake, and got them back here as fast as I could.”

Fowler said he went back to help two paddleboarders while rescuers got their boats in the water to search for another possible victim. 

“People underestimate the depth of the water, their ability to swim and you know not taking proper precautions when something comes up very quickly,” Usry said. “And even though it looks very picturesque right now it can become very dangerous as soon as you remove some light, add lighting, and heavy rain.”

Investigators say paddleboarders and all first responders were able to get out of the water without any major injuries.

Fowler said they even caught a fish on the way back. 

“An Asian carp jumped in our boat on the way back. I could barely see because of the rain, but the dude grabbed the fish,” Fowler said. “He was ecstatic, laughing, happy. His kids were screaming and crying, but he was still celebrating having caught a huge fish after being out there all day and having caught nothing.”