ST. LOUIS – A major thoroughfare in south St. Louis was shut down late Wednesday afternoon as city water crews worked to fix a water main break.

The break, located along Chippewa Street near the River Des Peres, is just half a mile down from another break earlier in the summer at Chippewa and Lansdowne.

Neighbors around Chippewa and the River Des Peres said the break happened around 4:30 p.m. They lost water pressure shortly after.

Gregory Luckey, who lives down the street from the break, said he made a stop at the grocery store to buy five gallons of water before heading back home. He said this is unfortunately not a new issue for residents.

“I would say this is at least the third time this has happened, if not four,” he said. “Within Jamieson and Chippewa to River Des Peres, whatever that stretch is; a quarter-mile, a half-mile. At least two of them have been directly in front of my apartment building.”

The city has not said yet how long the repairs will take to make or when water will be back to full pressure.