ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra tells FOX2 that crews will start tearing down the 19th-century Culver House, located next to Powell Symphony Hall, next week.

Parts of the building could start coming down as soon as Monday. The Culver House will come down in phases and it might take crews a few days to clear the property.

As part of a planned $100 million dollar expansion, the Queen Anne-style house is coming down to make room for a new learning center, lobby, and expanded backstage area.

“The space the house currently sits on will eventually become the expansion of Powell Hall,” says Eric Dundon, a representative with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. “We’ll be able to preserve the hall and enhance the features that are there for future generations so we can continue to serve the community through music.”

Unlike Powell Hall, the Culver House is not on the registry of historic places or in a protected historic district. The symphony planned to donate the house if another group would pay for its relocation, but no one stepped up to make it happen.

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