ST. LOUIS — There are more problems after a sewer collapsed and created a massive hole at the intersection of Ferry and Blair in north St. Louis.

The Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District said recent storms led to the collapse, which formed a hole that is about 10-feet wide and 40-feet deep. Crews will be working to make repairs to the sewer system and secure the ground in that area.

Many residents are wondering how something like this could happen.

“That’s a lot of gravel and a lot of dirt to fill it back in,” said resident Johnny Rosenzweng. “If we get another rain, it’s going to wash down more.”

Some north St. Louis residents are still in shock after a 20 by 30 section of their street caved in. With the sewer being 100-years-old, some residents said they expected it to collapse.

“Anytime you do improvements around here, it’s good for the neighborhood. But this couldn’t have been stopped right here. I didn’t think this would last this long,” said Rosenzweng.

FOX 2’s Bommarito Automotive Group SkyFOX flew over the scene Thursday and captured images of the collapse.

“We’ve got a pretty large brick sewer,” said MSD spokesperson Sean Stone. “It’s about 34 feet below ground. Coming off that sewer is a vertical shaft that leads to a manhole that you can see in the middle of the street. Along that vertical shaft, there was deterioration that led to water getting out. That water washes away the ground around there, and that’s what caused the cave-in.”

Multiple crews were back on the scene Friday working to make repairs and fill the hole. MSD is working with two other agencies to make repairs. That could take about a month.

“Today’s focus is on ensuring this site is safe first and foremost,” said Stone. “You know we’ve been in contact, we’re working with Spire, City Water who also has utilities running right through this intersection. We are filling the whole, about 200 cubic yards of concrete going in there today to make sure there is not a 25-foot deep hole in the middle of the street.”

MSD officials said the collapse happened in an area that does not see a lot of traffic, so work will not inconvenience drivers. No one was injured.