ST. LOUIS — It was a busy Friday night for downtown St. Louis. Two major sporting events and a block party had some people excited about the city coming alive once again.

“I would say we’ve been waiting on it. This is what everybody’s been waiting on, to be able to get outside again and actually enjoy the community, enjoy the people around it. So it’s a pleasant surprise for Friday,” said resident Jason Qualls.

Qualls and his friend Arthur Jefferson attended the first City Social Downtown Street Festival, located in the middle of Washington Ave. They said it wasn’t just a fun time but a rebound to normalcy.

“With everything that we’ve been going through as people — the lack of connection that we’ve had with the pandemic and also with the crime rate — it’s nice to feel safe. It’s nice to feel like the environment is an environment where you can thrive and grow and get to know people and get to interact,” said Jefferson.

Angela Pearson with the Mayor’s Office said the event is a step to revitalize downtown.

“We wanted to make sure that we created a space for people to do networking and just hang out after work in the safe environment where they can get a good cocktail, listen to some good music, and maybe experience some great hard. And so that’s how city social happens,” Pearson said.

On top of the festivities, St. Louis sports was also in full swing. The Blues played at Enterprise Center against the Golden Knights, which will be the team’s last game of the regular season. The Cardinals also played downtown Friday night, bringing thousands of fans to the area.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department said extra officers are on patrol, along with district officers that conduct their normal patrols. Police and city officials also encouraged people to not leave any guns in their cars.

“It has been a pleasure working with our public safety department,” said Pearson. “They have been able to work with us on securing the street closures and making sure the folks who enter the space don’t have guns or any other weapons on them. We’ve been very thorough about that.”

FOX 2 asked if there will be more social events and block parties in the future. The city said they got such a great response, there will most likely be more events soon.