TOWN AND COUNTRY, Mo. – The Assumption Greek Orthodox Church’s St. Louis County Greek Fest has seen record crowds this weekend, thanks in part to this beautiful weather. Festival goers enjoyed the atmosphere in person for the first time in three years.

“I think we had the perfect storm of the most beautiful weather. People anticipating wanting to come back. And it’s been awesome,” said Greg Simos, festival chairman. “We need to be in person. We’re people people. We like to party. We like the atmosphere. So, we’re glad to be back this year.”

And from the look of the food lines, a lot of people feel the same. Simos said everyone has been patient despite the wait.

“In all my lifetime, I’ve never seen lines this long. I mean, yeah, it’s great,” he said. “It hasn’t been too hot, but they’ve handled the heat well. We really have had no complaints. People are patient. They keep thanking us for being open, and we thank them for coming.”

Ken and Carla Houghton traveled all the way from Wentzville to get some Greek food and weren’t minding the line at all, saying the food was worth the wait.

“Yeah, we enjoy it,” Ken said. “Of course, we enjoy all kinds of food.”

And they were enjoying the nice weather as well.

“Not too hot yet. A little bit of a cool breeze too today so that helps,” Carla said.

Mehdi and Susan Rouhani were enjoying the festival for the first time with their two pups.

“Two Greek doggies to the festival – Apollo and Aphrodite. It’s nice to see everybody coming; this many people. And Greek food is always good,” they said.

Not only was there plenty of food, but also traditional Greek dancers entertaining their visitors.

Andy Konon and Craig Rydgig were excited about all the festival had to offer.

“I love the Greek culture. I love the wonderful dancing and the wonderful food. I can’t wait to get my belly full of spanakopita,” Konon said.

“We’re orthodox too. We go to a church in Madison, Illinois. The … Virgin Mary, Russian Orthodox. But we are, like, sister churches with the Assumption and St. Nicholas, and any of the other Greek Orthodox churches,” Rydgig said.

Almost to the front of the line after an hour wait they were giddy with anticipation.

“The church is so beautiful. The food’s good. The desserts. Oh my God. I can’t wait to try that new frappe. I saw somebody in line with it. It looked amazing. But the baklava and walnut cake, oh my God. I’m looking more forward to the dessert than I am the food, almost,” Craig said.