ST. LOUIS – A popular St. Louis restaurant is picking up the pieces after one of its front windows was shattered overnight.

Crown Candy Kitchen business owner Andy Karandzieff woke up to disturbing news Saturday morning. A message from his general manager, who lives nearby, informed him of a damaged window.

Karandzieff reviewed surveillance video of the incident Saturday, and learned his window was shattered around 1 a.m. Saturday. Based on the surveillance footage, he believes two people were involved in some sort of domestic dispute when one of them got upset and punched the glass. Both left the scene shortly afterwards.

Karandzieff tells FOX 2 it will cost him about $2,000 to replace the damaged window. He says there is only one original window left that has not yet been broken. The restaurant also suffered significant damage during a break-in last winter.

“It’s kind of what happens in the city sometimes,” said Karandzeiff. “You just got to carry on, keep on doing on what you got to do. And the support of my neighborhood and the community will get us through this.”

Frustrated over the recent incidents, Karandzieff says he doesn’t have plans to move.

“Let me add we are not going anywhere,” said Karandzieff via Twitter on Saturday. “Although people see this terrible stuff that happens to businesses and individuals in the city, CCK is part of this community, and we belong here for all the good people down here. They support us and we love them right back.”

Crown Candy Kitchen is located in the 1400 block of St. Louis Avenue in the Old North St. Louis neighborhood. Check back for more updates to this story later Saturday evening.