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ST. LOUIS – A day after The Pageant and Delmar Hall announce that customers will need proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test to see a concert, some patrons are voicing their concerns about refund problems.

Those who can’t comply with the new rules are regretting their decision to buy tickets.

“Thankfully, it’s not going to make or break us, but I think they should’ve updated Ticketmaster or filled them in on their policy before they released their information to the public,” Granite City resident Ari Tyler said.

The venue is in the process of updating its rules with Ticketmaster to get customers their refunds as soon as possible.

“It’s not just (the) best decision for us, our artists, our staff, our patrons,” The Pageant owner Patrick Hagin said. “This needs to happen across society for us to get out of this, we can’t go on like this.”

Each refund depends on where you bought it.

If you got yours at the ticket booth, you can go get an immediate refund. If you purchased your tickets online via Ticketmaster, like Tyler, it will just take longer.

Hagin believes they may get the new terms figured out by the end of the week.

“You want something to look forward to and something to be excited about and when their policies change and then for one reason or another, you can’t attend and you want your money back, so it’s a disappointment,” Tyler said.

She bought $250 worth of tickets for her group of six and now feels this experience has left a sour taste in her mouth.

“I will never go there again if their policy is like this,” Tyler said, “I support their right to run their business however they choose but I just disagree with discriminating against people for their health choices.”

Down the street, Blueberry Hill is considering implementing the same policy for the Duck Room where their live music acts perform downstairs.

“When you go downstairs, you’re kind of together which makes the experience exciting but it also brings you closer in contact than you have upstairs where it’s more airy,” Blueberry Hill owner Joe Edwards said.

He plans to discuss the entry rule change over the weekend and will hopefully make a decision next week.

Another local music venue that is expected to implement the vaccination or negative COVID test rule is Off Broadway.

The rule will go into effect starting Wednesday, Aug. 11. As for The Pageant, Hagin believes this decision is best for everyone.

“We’re just trying to be as inclusive as possible yet keep everyone as safe as we practically can,” Hagin said.

If you’re trying to get a refund, visit The Pageant’s website.