Dangerous driving in St. Louis leads to more traffic enforcement by SLMPD


ST. LOUIS – St. Louis Metropolitan Police released more details Wednesday about the department’s traffic enforcement initiative.  An increase in traffic fatalities prompted a targeted effort to reduce crashes.   

During the last 14 days of October, the initiative targeted high accident intersections. The department has stated that the initiative does not involve randomly pulling people over. The effort targets moving violations. 

The department also released a detailed map showing where each stop was made.

FOX 2 witnessed multiple red-light runners Wednesday and a driver who crashed into a curb after speeding through a St. Louis intersection.  

“That’s how people get killed,” St. Louis resident Pamela White said. 

Many residents we spoke with feel the initiative is needed.   

“They drive too fast and too reckless,” St. Louis resident Kimberly Johnson said. 

She’s not a fan of tickets being issued but believes a police presence can have a dampening effect on dangerous driving.  

“The presence of the police gives people the incentive not to go do something crazy,” she said.  

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