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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – The historic rainfall caused many flood damages to roads, homes, shelters, and other places in Missouri. As a result, the Dardenne Creek levee was breached north of St. Peters in St. Charles County.   

Officials said the water went through the gap in the levee hole across Highway C. It washed away part of the roadway and flooded fields on the other side. There were no homes reported to be in danger. 

“I talked to the USGC this afternoon,” said Capt. Chris Hunt of the St. Charles County Police Department.   

Hunt is the county’s director of emergency management.   

“It’s racing through there at 7,000 cubic feet per second which they said is a record and it’s at maximum capacity,” said Hunt. “The water is still running through there swiftly, so we just ask people to stay away from the area… there are some homeowners who are having a tough time getting out, but we’re working to get them the assistance that they need.” 

A St. Charles resident Kaitlyn Keipp said she was in disbelief when she was knee-deep in Cole Creek flood water outside her door Tuesday morning.   

“It’s heartbreaking because of the stress that comes along with it, said Keipp. “It’s your belongings, everything you have to go through to replace those missing items, to replace your car, to fix your car. It’s going to be a tough time…but we’ll get through it.”

She said her street and all of the cars parked alongside it were covered with water. At least one car was swept away.   

Amanda Dzierwa said she injured her leg when she lifted her son through the flood water and carried him to safety.  

“It was like five feet of water. I just caught myself and it was just mommy strength, like mommy miracle,” said Dzierwa. “I just stood up and grabbed ahold of him and my 16-year-old was next to me and I said stand up.”