Seventh-grade De Soto student brought gun to school twice last week


ST. LOUIS – The De Soto School District sent a letter home yesterday about a student bringing a gun to school twice last week. It happened at the junior high school last Wednesday and Friday.

The Jefferson County Resource Officer and police began investigating and confirmed a 7th-grade boy brought a 9mm pistol to school. School officials say that the gun was not loaded.

The student was removed from school and the district is reviewing its policy for appropriate discipline. The district says possession of a firearm breaches the trust of the school, community, violates board policy, and adds unnecessary danger to our students.

The district says it takes any threats to the safety of its students and staff seriously and will investigate carefully each time.

”I don’t think the student brought it to be threatening or to do harmful intent, but having a weapon on campus is a threat,” Superintendent Josh Isaacson said.  

“It belongs to his parents and was not properly secured in the home. That is why it is important that folks properly secure the weapon where minors don’t have access to it.” 

The student will be disciplined according to district policy, according to Isaacson. Possession of a firearm in school may include possible expulsion.

“Our best defense is the trust and open community with our students with every classroom in every district. Not just Desoto, but students come forward and let us know when things are happening that should not be happening,” said Isaacson.

The incident left parents concerned.

“It is very scary. I know many schools have been faced with that, and you know, it’s scary to think that it’s in your hometown at your kid’s school,” Darlene O’Hare said.

“You don’t want that to ever happen. Hopefully, they can control the situation and don’t happen again.”


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