ST. LOUIS – A deadly house explosion took place overnight in north county.

The explosion happened around 1:30 a.m. on Parker Road in Florissant. Two people died from the fire, and the other three have been transported to a hospital.

The Blackjack Fire Protection District’s Fire Chief said there was a lot of confusion at first. They had reports of a car into a house with people trapped, but when crews arrived it was determined that there was no vehicle in the house.

The mother shared that there were children over at the house, and crews were still trying to determine how many there were. The battalion chief said the explosion appeared to be in the garage, as it was completely gone when they arrived.

Two of the four victims taken to hospitals had burns. St. Louis County police contacted bomb and arson to investigate the explosion at the home. Neighbors said there was a loud boom that woke them up.

“I walked out my front door thinking a car crashed in front of my house or something. I looked down there, and it looked like normal traffic driving by. I know what I heard. A few minutes later, the fire department had left the firehouse. I know these guys on this past week’s shift, so I was like let’s go see what happened.”

The fire chief said this is still an ongoing investigation. The cause of the explosion has not yet been found.