ST. LOUIS – The owners of short-term rental properties in St. Louis are lining up against proposed amendments the city’s Board of Alderman will soon vote on.

“The bill as it sits is not terrible. There are a few things that we need to have changed, like the occupancy limits,” said Amanda McCracken. She’s a short-term rental owner and said the proposals discussed Tuesday are concerning.

“Two per bedroom, with a top number of eight; eight residents. Some of the other key components really are adding some teeth to the repercussions of the bad actors, limiting the number of Airbnb’s in residentially zoned communities,” Alderwoman Cara Spencer said.

Spencer said the growing number of short-term rentals in residential neighborhoods is a growing concern.

“We have seen downtown, where we have these, essentially, ghost hotels where they’re just full of Airbnbs,” she said.

The bills are expected to be voted on Friday.

“There’s a need for short-term rental owners who manage their properties responsibly and effectively. People come to this city, and they spend a lot of money; they love the city, and they want to come back,” McCracken said.