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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – In December, the stars of the show at Grant’s Farm are the holiday lights. But behind the scenes, it’s farm business as usual.

“Even though it’s winter and it’s cold out, we still have babies that are coming, adding to our herd,” said Angie Comerford, the farm’s lead small animal keeper.

Animals want to give birth when it is most comfortable for them, so not all species wait for the spring.

“Take our buffalo, for example. They are a big animal. They are a lot warmer of an animal. So, this weather is perfect for them,” she said.

The newest little water buffalo was born on Dec. 9.

“Water buffalos tend to be more docile, so he’s hanging out with his buddy Grant in our other building,” Comerford said.

Grant is a yak who acts more like a dog. He will help the new baby learn to play and bottle feed.

“It is December and our winter is only going to get worse and colder. So, by giving the water buffalo the bottle we can ensure that he is getting the right nutrition that he needs to grow big and strong.”

Grant’s Farm has also added a new llama to its herd, born Dec. 13.

“He was born very happy, very healthy, jumping around, eating great from mom, and doing really well,” Comerford said.

Visitors to Grant’s Farm’s Holiday Lights Experience might see mom and the new baby as they drive through the Tiergarten.

“Anybody that drives through, they are welcome, not to get out of their car, but roll down the window, yell ‘hey’ to her. Most of the time they’ll pop their heads up and say ‘hey’ right back,” she said.

These adorable little ones are the perfect Christmas gift for the animal lovers who work here.

“Us, as keepers, we’re here year-round of course. This is our job. But we are here every holiday and even on our birthdays. So, to be able to spend Christmas with a baby water buffalo or a baby llama, it’s pretty fun,” Comerford said.

The new babies need names, and you can help pick them. Grant’s Farm has picked four holiday-inspired names and put a survey on Facebook. The top two names will be the winners. Click here to vote.