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ST. LOUIS – Deer are becoming more active this time of year, which is causing more car accidents involving animals.

Kristen Henry with Schaefer Autobody Centers said sometimes deer accidents can cause damage throughout the length of the car.

“So, once it impacts us, the weight of the deer could move. So, it may flip a few feet, hit again, flip a few feet, and hit again,” Henry said. “We do our very best when we write the estimate, but in a case like this, when we look at the preliminary stage and let’s say it’s $2,000, we only know the availability of those items. It’s not until we can actually take the car apart and identify everything needed to get a perfect time frame.”

AAA official Nick Chabarria said you may have to pay for more parts too.

“Inflation costs, rising costs for car parts, you know, labor, we’re seeing a substantial increase in the cost,” Chabarria said. “In our area, about the average cost for a deer-related crash is about $6,500, and that’s up about 30 percent from last year.”

With more deer active this time of year, Chabarria said to make sure you know what to do if an accident is unavoidable.

“What we actually recommend is, right before impact, let off the brake, and that’s going to make sure that your bumper and your front end that’s designed to take the impact is going to get most of the impact,” he said. “When you’re slamming on your brakes for a long time, your front end will tend to dip, and if that’s the case, the animal could actually roll up on the hood.”

Chabarria said most animal collisions are not covered by insurance and to double check your policy.