BRENTWOOD, Mo. — An important project is happening not only for Brentwood residents but the entire St. Louis region. It will bring recreation opportunities to the area and serve an environmental purpose.

The Deer Creek Greenway Connector is a partnership with Great Rivers Greenway and the city of Brentwood. The project has been underway in planning for a couple of years, but the groundbreaking was Thursday morning. It’s one of three projects that make up Brentwood Bound, a $90 million infrastructure plan.

“In the spring of 2023, we’ll all be riding a bike out here. So, we’re really excited to see that happen,” said Susan Trautman, the CEO of Great Rivers Greenway.

Brentwood Mayor David Dimmitt said they’re connecting their wonderful trail system north of Manchester Road to the Great Rivers Greenway in Webster Groves through a pedestrian tunnel underneath Manchester Road.

“This greenway will connect to the River Des Peres Greenway, the Gravois Greenway,” Trautman said. “It’s a big project, a very bold project for this community.”

“It really truly is a wonderful amenity. It promotes walkability and connects all of these wonderful parks that these municipalities already have established. So it’s just a way to get from one park to another, but do it through biking or walking,” said Dimmitt.

A view from our Bommarito Automotive Group SkyFOX shows the extensive footprint of this project.

“We’re putting in a destination playground. It’s two and a half acres, and we call it a destination playground for a reason,” said Dimmitt. “We anticipate that it will be a destination point for people not just in Brentwood, but from Webster Groves, from Rock Hill, from Maplewood, from all around that will come here and use that playground and use these pathways. With our destination playground being on the GRG connector itself, who knows how many from all over St. Louis will be able to take advantage of that amenity as well,” said Dimmitt.

The greenway serves to improve an environmental factor as well.

“One of the things greenways do is they mitigate flood damage. So we’ll have great trail amenities and a great environmental experience, but we’re also working with the city here to mitigate flooding,” said Trautman.