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ST. LOUIS – The jury is deliberating for a second day Thursday in the retrial of two former St. Louis Police officers for beating undercover Officer Luther Hall.

The jurors deliberated for seven hours Wednesday.

Dustin Boone and Christopher Myers are accused of beating Hall during protests in 2017. A jury was unable to decide on the charges when the case was originally tried in March 2021.

Boone is facing a deprivation of civil rights charge. Myers is charged with destruction of evidence. He’s accused of destroying Hall’s cell phone.

St. Louis Police officer Steven Korte was also on trial in March, but the federal grand jury found him not guilty on all counts. Korte was charged with depriving Hall of his civil rights and allegedly lying to the FBI.

Detective Hall was working undercover with a partner during the 2017 Jason Stockley protests. They were documenting potential crimes when they got split up in the chaos on the night of Sunday, Sept. 17.

Hall said he encountered uniformed police at 14th and Olive streets. Prosecutors allege Boone, Myers, and Korte attacked and beat Hall after mistaking him for a protester.

Hall was left with a pinkie-sized hole in his lip and required spinal fusion surgery in his neck.

Jurors considered a recording of Hall’s livestream feed of the beating, along with text messages from Boone and Myers, in which they indicated being part of the incident at 14th and Olive in Downtown St. Louis. There was no photo or video evidence showing which officers actually struck him.