Democratic candidates work for Show-Me State vote ahead of presidential primary

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ST. LOUIS - As Missouri’s 2020 presidential primaries draw closer, a few candidates are on the campaign trail vying for the vote come Tuesday.

There was a nice sized group, a lot of signs and support for Joe Biden as he continued on the campaign trail after a strong performance for Biden on Super Tuesday.

After Biden’s tenth win in Maine, sources are calling it the biggest political comeback in history.

“Last night, I followed it until about one in the morning, and I was very excited,” said Wendy Nishi who was attending a Biden campaign event.

“It’s exciting. I have rarely seen anything in all my years in politics like that,” said Russ Carnahan, a former Congressman campaigning for Biden.

Now the former vice president works to keep that momentum. Carnahan and Ambassador Kevin O’Malley were both campaigning on Biden’s behalf.

“The same Joe Biden you will see on Saturday is the same Joe Biden I sat with and had coffee and toast with,” said O’Malley while addressing the crowd.

“I loved hearing about his personal relationship with Joe and how he’s the same in private that he is in public,” Nishi said.

In the crowd, there were members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 1439. Carnahan said Biden has a long history with Missouri.

“Joe Biden has been a friend of working families his entire political career,” Carnahan said.

O’Malley and Carnahan are vying for votes for Biden in what has been recently recognized as a deep red state.

“With some community support, I think he’ll be able to get some votes out of Missouri. I’m hoping we are turning purple,” Nishi said.

“If you look back at the 2008 campaign, Obama and Biden almost carried Missouri. It was just within a few thousand votes,” Carnahan added when asked how Biden would work to get the vote in a red state.

Meanwhile, other Missouri voters like Ward 15 Alderwoman, Megan Ellyia Green, are still feeling the “Bern.”

“We are a little surprised at how close it was, but we’re still proud of the results. It is neck and neck. We are closer in the delegate count than we were in 2016,” Green said.

Over in Maplewood, there are signs up for Senator Elizabeth Warren at a campaigning event. Each candidate has just a few days to gain the support of the Show-Me State.


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