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ST. CHARLES, Mo. – A controversial resolution on who controls COVID-related quarantines for St. Charles County Schools is tabled by the county council.

All is quiet now but it was a much different scene here last night. Before the meeting started, there were demonstrators outside with signs making their feelings known. Inside the meeting, it was a packed house as multiple people weighed in on the resolution for more than two hours.

The resolution would have suspended quarantine orders for all St. Charles County Schools and moved decisions about quarantines from the county health department, where they are made now, to local school boards and administrators.

The resolution says that the St. Charles County Council believes that the state regulations relating to COVID quarantines in schools “Are hurting children’s educations, are a financial hardship on county families, and may be contradictory to the Missouri constitution.”

The resolution goes on to says that the council believes that individual school boards and administrators are better situated than the county health department to make decisions about quarantine orders for children in their districts. The resolution was sponsored by council members Joe Brazil and Joe Cronin.

Since the measure is a resolution, it is non-binding and is simply an expression of what the St. Charles County Council would like to see happen.    Even if it eventually does pass, it would not officially change anything when it comes to quarantine protocols in St. Charles County Schools.