WEBSTER GROVES, Mo. – As leaves begin to change color, the temperature begins to drop.

“It’s part of the cycle of the season, too,” Cheryl Spurlock, Rolling Ridge Nursery customer, said.

On Tuesday, temperatures were in the 90s; on Wednesday, there was a near 15-degree drop with scattered showers. And this weekend, even colder weather is expected.

“You might see some wilting up on some things,” Chris Wagner, nursery manager at the Rolling Ridge, said.

Wagner’s worked at Rolling Ridge Nursery in Webster Groves for 40 years. He said anytime there’s a big temperature shift, it’s what his customers want to talk about. Despite the significant drop in temperatures, Wagner said all of your annual plants, like mums, will likely be fine through this weekend. It’s only when temps consistently stay in the 30s that you should be worried.

“Mostly when they are talking about a hard frost or freeze, that’s when people really start to get concerned,” Wagner said.

Spurlock said the colder weather actually brings her closer to her plants.

“I enjoy being with my plants, so I just see that as another way of taking care of them,” she said. “I like going out there and seeing who needs some help and covering them and when they survive, it’s remarkable.”

Wagner explained that the most important thing you can do for your plants during this cold snap is to water them. Not only does it give your plants an added layer of warmth, but it also gives them an extra drink during this dry fall season.