ST. LOUIS – Some Christmas tree lots are running out of trees because of a nationwide shortage, high demand, and how late it is in the season.

“We’ve been in business about 33 years,” said Lynn Sullivan, the owner of Sullivan Farms Christmas Trees.

On Sunday morning, a box truck arrived from North Carolina to his location on New Halls Ferry Road in Florissant. His employees unloaded 400 Fraser fir trees, which will be distributed amongst all five of the Sullivan Farms locations.

“I’m guessing we still have about 15,000 trees still in inventory at all of our lots,” Sullivan said. “We expect probably by next weekend we’ll be running low and maybe running out.”

Sullivan Farms started selling trees on November 19. They will stay open until Christmas Eve, unless they sell out sooner.

“This is probably might be our last shipment of trees for this year,” he explained.

Many St. Louis families make it a tradition to get their Christmas trees from Ted Drewes on Chippewa. They had about 4,500 trees to choose from when they started sales on Black Friday.

“That weekend is always pretty crazy around here,” manager Bryan Dillon said.

Just 16 days later, they’re sold out.

“I think we predicted it would be pretty much like this,” Dillon said. “But it was quick, yes.”

Sullivan said some families who normally go to Ted Drewes are now calling him up.

“All good things have to come to an end, so the sooner you can get your tree the better” Sullivan said.

If you still need a Christmas tree, it’s a good idea to call businesses the day before, especially if you have a long drive.