BRENTWOOD, Mo. – St. Louis families are getting students ready to head back to school this week. Some families are doing that while still dealing with the aftermath of July’s historic flooding.

The Little Bit Foundation, a nonprofit which helps thousands of students each year with books, uniforms, and other supplies, found itself in need of assistance after floodwaters wiped out almost all its supplies.

Auset Wilson and Corderro Latimore already have their school supplies for the new year, but there are others who need help. That’s where the Little Bit Foundation steps up. 

“I’m looking forward to it and I know my mom is. Well, I think so. Yeah, she is. My favorite subject is math, so I would say math,” Wilson said. 

“Gym, so I can play basketball; and science, so we can do cool experiments,” Latimore said.

Miranda Walker Jones, CEO of the Little Bit Foundation, said the damage at the nonprofit’s Brentwood headquarters is significant.

“We had 17 pallets of coats on a truck the day of the flood. So that day, we actually were taking in coats and shoes,” she said. “We had a shipment that was actually coming in before, so we had a thousand shoes in the warehouse that we lost during the flood.”

Walker Jones said they are hoping to move to a temporary location while they get supplies ready for the 48 schools they partner with in St. Louis.

“We’ve been through an incredible loss. Our team, our staff, they’re still going. They’ve been to every back to school event. They’re going to teachers nights and even though this happened, we’re not going to stop,” she said.